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. >> where james allegedly spent port money entertaining a group of shipping executives during a convention in houston back in 2008. and then built a port for it. not something that the folks at port headquarters are happy about. the party was four years ago. but the bill just polypeptide up the other day. asked for all of its billing for travel and entertainment in recent years the reason it had gone unnoted for so long is because the receipt listed d houston incorporated. a quick google search of the address and up popped the club. >> it's under investigation and we are conducting due diligence. >> trying to find out if this was quan's only questionable use of money. >> we conduct add special
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meeting this past friday that was continued to today at 5:00 p.m. we cannot make further comments about this matter at this time. >> quan is out of the country and has yet to make a statement. >> right now like i said they're in there still trying to figure this out. it's quite an embarrassment. they spent a lot of money in a place where people walk around with little clothing and it's coming back to haunt him pretty big. >> i'm just wondering how what category that kind of would fall under i'm assuming entertainment. >> i think that and promotion. here's the bill. food and entertainment. $4,500. all right. it only happens here. talk to you later. >> well developing news out of west oakland where an all day search for a wanted murder suspect has come up empty. police swarm add home on 21st
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street around noon today after learning a man named godfrey jackson maybe hiding out inside. a few minutes ago officers centered the house and found it empty. police are not releasing details on the murder jackson wanted for. we'll keep you updated on this developing story. he's known for allegedly stealing a pricey car. with what's next for max wade. >> yeah, today max wade found out that he will stand trial as an adult for charges including attempting murder burglary and auto theft. >> the finding to day has nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of my client. >> his attorney is disappointed his client's case moving towards trial but the young man is holding up. >> it's an ordinary amount of
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pressure to be on an 18-year- old. most 18-year-olds are thinking about where they're going to eat lunch. >> he's accused of shooting into a pickup truck while two other teens ducked for cover. the claim is he was jealous of their relationship. but that's not been proven. his possible role in a movie star car heist at a san francisco dealer ship. wade's accused of getting on the roof using this mountaineering gear to repel down to a window and breaking it. it's alleged he got into the car, cut the garage door lock and drove off into the night. all the attention on the car theft is misdirected. the attempted murder charges are what could send his client to prison for life. >> if this was a 94 honda accord and it wasn't a tv chef
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no one would care. >> today he was nothing like the mythical persona in this rap song. two were in court today but didn't want to talk. neither did his mother. but his attorney says there will be plenty to say if the case goes forward. >> there were some real important revelations as far as the san francisco police officer talking about that this was not a one person job. there's been no investigation. >> expect to hear arguments that the car theft had to have been a two person job and wade has to connection to others an theis based on circumstantial evidence. >> other headlines around the bay area.
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prosecutors stay woman accused of killing michelle looked her up online 300 times before the nursing students death 28-year- old esteban also search for ways to hurt people. she killed her in a jealous rage. attorney claims lay was killed in the heat of passion. >> sheriff deputies looking for a killer tonight. a man and woman were found shot on buchanan road between antioch and pittsburgh last evening. both victims were from san francisco. looking for witnesses and calling it a double homicide. >> former u.s. senator george mitchell will over see talks about the pipeline fire. he'll mediate negotiations between pg ande the state the city of san bruno and others. the 2010 explosion. it's an internationally
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respected mediator and nobel peace prize nominee. he led the effort into major league baseball's steroid investigation. fans are packing at&t park for game two between the giants and the cardinals. mike sugar man talked to fans from both sides. even one who's changed allegiances. mike tell me about this guy. >> it happened. giants down one nothing. it's do or i.d. no die. you could lose three and come back and win four. who knows. but there are two sides to every story. >> in a sea of orange and black there is red. >> i did 28 years in st. louis. i've been here since 69. he talks about his time there like a prison term. bloom saloon i new it as the cardinals bar but it's been a while since i was there. >> it's good to see you after
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25 years. we did this in 1987. it was the only cardinals bar in the area. no today, not so much. i'm a convert to the giants these days. >> we're assured hit be rocking at game time. >> at&t seems to be where it's at. >> father and son bonding in an old town hometown. we can understand. but scott and michael look at the same game and see only differences. >> his bed room's in the garage. so he's kind of living a little bit of an upper life. he eats after everybody else is done. >> dad's a wise guy. as a seven-year-old he played for a team named the cardinals. >> i guess i like the color red a lot. they just looked cool. i guess i kind of wanted to be a little different. >> from edwards air force base in southern california who came up this morning.
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>> how many miles is that. >> about 400. >> when are you going back. >> after the game. got to work tomorrow morning. >> oh to be young again. >> yeah a quick 22 hour day. what the heck. that's the crowd trying to get in. the game's supposed to start right now. i'm not sure they're going make it i'm excited i did a live shot in front of this crowd and nobody did anything goofy. >> those marines probably jogged all the way back. >> i love what they're doing. >> mike sugar man at the ballpark. >> san francisco can't welcome the golden state warriors for another few years but today we got a detailed look at the new arena. the 740,000 square foot venue located on the water at peers 30 and 32. it will seat around 72,500 fans. practice facilities, meeting rooms and even a movie theater.
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they hope to have the arena built by 2017. >> didn't you check my signature? and they said we haven't done that in over ten years. >> out of thousand of dollars because of check fraud without much help from your bank. what you can do to protect yourself. >> it's fantastic weather outside. widespread temperatures in the 70s and 80s. it's going to get much warmer. find out how warm and how long it's going to last in your forecast coming up. >> preparing for round two. the moderator who's getting a lot of attention ahead of tomorrow's presidential debate. ,,,,,,,,
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high-stakes showdown. . with 22 days until the election the political stage set for another high stakes show down. >> and soon the asheville stage will be ready as well. final preparation under way at hoster university ahead of
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tomorrow nights presidential debate. more on the impact of the new moderator. >> well ken in the past couple weeks we've seen very different styles from the hands off approach of moderator jim in the first presidential debate and the very involved martha who moderated just last week. so what can we expect last night? a seasoned political veteran at the helm. >> hello. hello. hey brought some food. >> the president made a brief appearance to rally volunteered in virginia. mitt romney was seen leaving church before cramming for the second debate. but both candidates remain behind the scenes before a town hall style debate. 80 undecided voters will ask the candidates a variety of questions and it will be moderated. >> do you think you're going to ask a different question because you're female? and i think i ask different
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questions because of all the things that i am. we're different. jim and i are different. we come from different backgrounds. we've had different experiences and certainly one of the differences between them and me is that i'm female and they're a male. >> professor melissa says she believes her style will shape this debate. >> she's very strong. a very strong reporter. she's a very strong woman. and i think just the fact that she's a strong woman and strong reporter has a lot of people questioning her ability to balance her role as mad ray tore. >> she's the first female moderator in 20 years for a presidential debate. she's going to be walking a fine line between moderating and not becoming overly involved. her goal tomorrow night she says she wants the debate where voters walk away saying quote, wow, i didn't know that. and we'll be watching. >> we invite you to watch the second presidential debate right here on cbs five.
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it will start tomorrow at 6:00. >> it's a win/win auction. bidders get deals why california prices sell further out of the red. >> think your bank has your back when it comes to check fraud? think again. how you can prevent yourself from being a victim. ,,,,,,,,,,
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average home price last monh . >> bay area home prices are now
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at a four year high. the average home price last month was $429,000. two other positive science are with a decrease in foreclosure sales and an increase in the sale of more expensive homes. gas prices in california are still high but they're coming down by a few cents. here's a look at the current average for a gallon of regular in the bay area. it's 4.59 in san jose. 4.60 in oakland. the highest in san francisco at 4.69. these prices are eleven cents less than a week ago but they still hurt a little bit. to find the cheapest gas prices in your area check out the pump patrol on our website. >> check fraud. it is big business among criminals. cbs five consumer watch reporter julie watts says bank machines scan 2500 checks a minute. so don't count on your bank to catch every one of those forged
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checks. >> there was 128-pounds there. 1966. >> he's a bit old fashioned. he prefer as handwritten check registry to online banking. he also believes a man is as good as his word. he's now reconsidering both. >> i was not aware there were 24 checks that were taken out of my check registry to the tune of $9,650. >> he was shocked to learn a trusted former employ key was cashing those checks since last year. >> i'm hurt. i'm the god father to his children. >> he thought his bank was protecting him. >> didn't you check my signatures and they said we haven't done that in over ten years. and that kind of took me back a little bit. because i thought someone was watching out for me. >> unfortunately, they're not. when it comes to check fraud you're usually on your own. buried in the fine print of a bank disclosure you're likely to find some version of we do
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not individually examine most checks. as a result banks are unlikely to catch even the most obvious fraud. >> the signatures aren't the same and they're two days apart. >> it's the responsibility to keep track of their balance and review all deposited checks. bank of america says the law provides that the consumer is responsible for fraudulent transactions. you're also responsible for any money lost. they've agreed to reimburse terri $4,600 but he lost almost double that. he may never know the full extent of his loss because he doesn't have the heart to calculate it. the money's gone and it'd hurt my feelings that for the last couple years he'd been doing this to me. >> your best bet is usually to close the account and open a new one. canceled check fees can add up and they don't stay canceled forever. >> if you have a consumer problem you can call us at 8885 helps you.
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or you can go to cbsf. com/consumer watch. trucks buss and boats are a few of the things up for auction this weekend. and it will help the cash strapped state. on saturday hundreds of state items will go up for sale on southern california. part of governor brown's order to sell excess of unused items to bridge the state's budget deficit. they're expecting around $300,000 in sales. >> it's a good opportunity to get machinery and equipment they probably couldn't have purchased brand new. >> they made five # $588,000. >> it's a great time for stanford university. it has two nobel prize winning professors. this one, the latest for economics. alvin ross shares that award
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with a ucla professor. their algorithms designed a nationwide kidney exchange. >> economics isn't just a social science. it's also a humanity. it tells us how people live their lives. and what happens to them at some of their most important junctures. my colleagues and i study matching. things like where you go to school. what kind of job you get. who you mary. what kind of job they get. how those fit together. >> stanford professor brian won the nobel prize in chemistry. >> space shuttle endeavor is preparing for a new life as a giant science exhibit. it's headed for the california science center. endeavor will eventually be housed in the new air and space center being built at the facility. until then the public can see endeavor at the science center starting october 30th. felix fell 24-miles in just
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under four and a half minutes. but despite the incredible feet don't expect him to land with a golden parachute. he won't make much from the stunt. he'll jump for a sponsor red bull which stands to make millions more than 8 million people watched his jump live on you tube. >> holy smokes. watch that first step. when you're jumping out and you see like most of earth, you know that's a big jump. 24 miles. no thank you. here's what we have outside. it's picture perfect outside. beautiful vantage point. very little if any marine layer. lots of sunshine outside. beautiful view of the bay bridge as well. we are sunny and warm. liver moore 82. santa rosa 84. oakland in the 70s. downtown san francisco touched
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70 earlier. you're now down to 65 degrees. getting the kids ready for the school bus tomorrow morning. mid 50s for most spots. it will drop down to 53 in redwood city. san jose down to 54. it's a very active weather pattern but not in the bay area. a strong area of low pressure moving on shore west from washington. for us it's all about high pressure and high pressure is moving. off to our west right now. by wednesday and thursday, as that low pressure area hitting seattle and portland moves by. high pressure will move to the north. that's key for us. we'll get the offshore wind. the northeast wind. that will get us toasty. 90s inland. and an increase if fire danger. if you thought it was warm today. it's going to get warm her in the middle of the week. very warm weather especially wednesday and thursday. and the winds will shift back and we'll have cooler weather for the weekend. these are your highs tomorrow.
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oakland 76. concord eight degrees above average. san jose 80. campbell 81. concord 85. fairfield 88 and low 80s for santa rosa. so we're getting warmer. low 90s inland wednesday and thursday. even near the bay we're talking 80s wednesday and thursday. and 70s at the coast. cooling down a bit for the weekend. but we'll stay dry and we'll stay mainly sunny that's a nice october forecast. >> can't complain about that. do you think it's going to cool down permanently. >> these days are getting longer and longer it's tough to pull off what we're pulling off this week once we get close to halloween. so enjoy it while we have it. the fda expanding warning for ties to a national meningitis out break. reports of new illnesses were tied to other products made by the new england compounding
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center. health officials say doctors should contact patients who have had the injections and warn them of the risk of infection. so far 15 death haves been reported from the meningitis out break. many parents find that bedtime is a little bit of a bat billion the young ones. some children like the stay up late. a new study shows why that could be a bad idea. >> better sleep could mean better performance at school. >> he's a bundle of energy and so is her soccer playing brother carson. the mom makes sure they slow down in the evening and get a good night sleep. if they don't mornings are a challenge. >> nothing is running smoothly. they're agitated. they're tired and cranky. and then they start acting up together. it's just not a smooth morning. >> a new study from the pediatrics backs her up. >> for children who had just 27 minutes more sleep for five
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consecutive nights there was actually an improvement in mood and behavior the next day. >> children ages seven to eleven that slept an hour less each night had a hard time handling emotions and controlling compulsive behavior. a challenge for today's busy families how to it in a full day of school and activities and homework and still get enough sleep. the goal should be ten to eleven hours of sleep. parents can help with a healthy bedtime routine. you want to limit things that can be stimulating to a child. this would be tv use. two hours prior to going to bed. you want to limit computer time. texting time on the cell phone. >> the sleep routine is a priority. bed is sometimes a struggle. but it's my goal. because they need sleep. >> the extra z's pay off at home and school. cbs five health watch. ,, measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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her vote paved the way for pension reform in . i'm dana king here's what
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we're working on for the 6:00 news. her vote pad paved the way for pension reform in san jose. the effort to unseat that council member with political ammunition from police and fire unions. and thousands of state workers are cashing in on unused vacation. how much some employees are collecting in retirement. that and more at 6:00. all right dana thank you. thanks for watching cbs evening news with scott is coming up next. >> the latest news in weather is always on cbs. com. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. yes on thirty-eight.
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